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Running Training Tips For Beginner Runners: The Key To Become A Good Athlete

Running has been a popular past time since ancient times which is known to have many advantages including that of making our hearts stronger. It is also a form of exercise that helps us to live longer by making our muscles firm and healthy. Because of its popularity, running has already been considered a sport and many people in different age range are starting to get into it nowadays. But before you begin to run, you must know that there are also certain guidelines to follow in order to become a successful runner. That is the reason why running training tips for beginner runners are made. Here are some of these tips for beginner runners:

Evaluate Yourself

Evaluation means assessing one's self if an aspiring runner is ready for the trainings and challenges needed to be a good athlete. And with it should come persistence which is necessary to motivate the runner to achieve more and eventually, be able to win in races. Aside from hard work and perseverance, running also involves physical capability. And if the athlete is able to compete physically then he will like and enjoy what he is doing and therefore, he will surely not give up easily.

Physical capability must always be shaped first above everything else. Otherwise, the runner might not be fit to run long distances. So it is very important that assessment be made before engaging in running or even on the course of training. However, signs of readiness are the start to be an effective runner. They are actually the foremost requirement in the running tips shared for athlete-wannabes just beginning to run.

Research and Study Different Running Trainings, Techniques And Strategies

As of late, research has observed that physical capability or readiness is not enough for beginner runners to start running training. It has been found out that mental capability is also big plus to be efficient runners. That is why many people who aspire to be good runners, nowadays, not only spend their time running training on the field but also on libraries or in front of the computers to learn more about running and trainings, as well as techniques, and strategies in training. This added knowledge will greatly contribute to the improvement of an athlete because learning is not just a one time deal but a continuous effort to further improve the status of being a beginner runner.

Eat The Right Amount Of Nutritious Foods

A balanced diet is also important in running training that is why athletes are required to maintain their fit and firm bodies. And the best way to do it is for runners to eat foods that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat and especially milk which remains the best source of calcium our body needs.

While proteins are very important for the runners' growth and repair, the carbohydrates and fats which are nutrients that will definitely give runners the energy to run much faster are also indispensable. Vitamins and minerals are necessary to help a runner's body work well at its best while green vegetables, fruits, fish, beans and eggs are good to be eaten by beginner runners as well. All of these foods are needed to be taken in the right amount.

Beginner runners can also consult their dieticians and nutritionists to prepare them a special kind of diet that will help them win all races and emerge victorious over the others. Eating the right kind and right amount of food among runners is actually one of the best tips in basic running training.

Practice Religiously

The best way to achieve one's dream as a runner is to never stop practicing. Almost all great athletes around the world, no matter how good they are, are still practicing to further improve themselves. That is why in order to be an excellent runner, practice must be on top of your priority. Remember, the road to success is never too easy, so hard work must always be ahead of everything.

Yes, this holds true for the saying "practice makes perfect", but if you can't be perfect at least try to be close to perfection. Maximize the learning you can get from a good coach or trainer during practice because they will surely give you the best advice you can get from running experts. But above all, every runner must religiously follow his own set of practice exercises as well as schedule to achieve his goals in running.

Really, running training tips for beginner runners greatly help runners in achieving their goals as athletes. However, it is also very important that they follow the tips very closely. Why? Because it is only through running training that beginner runners will be trained to be their best and eventually take the place of the great runners in the previous generation.

# Running Training For Your First Marathon

When doing your running training for marathons and other running events, make sure you prepare well and follow a running training guide that will boost your endurance, build your strength allowing you to be able to run long distances while greatly improving your speed.

Working Out And Boosting Your Endurance

There are countless of runners who are known to have used such workouts, and all of them have been proven to significantly improve their endurance so much. In fact, there was one runner who was able to extend his running time from 30 seconds to almost 3 hours because of this workout plan. It is really proven effective by many! While there are also some runners who wish to lower their time while extending their distance ran. This, on the other hand, changes the runner's goal to merely running training at an increased speed but not necessarily improving both distance and time.

Mind-Body Attitude: Very Valuable In Running

There are actually several attitudes a runner may apply when wanting to achieve their various goals; that of extending the distance being run, or lowering the time spent on running a specific distance. So it only means that endurance in running training can be attributed to the runner's mind-body attitude, wherein they encourage themselves to do what they know and feel is right. Here are some endurance-building strategies that will surely make you run the farther distance at a lesser time.

Take Things Gradually

If you want your training plan to be effective for you, simply have a sense of consistency and patience and everything will work well for you. The principle is proven to have worked for many, many years ago and continues to work to many people until today.

The most important thing for a runner is to be able to improve his endurance and speed without meeting any injury or accident. That is why all known winners in running say, "patience and persistence coupled with safety" are a great trio not only when it comes to running, but in almost everything in life.

Yasso Running System

Yasso is a very popular, surprisingly and effectively useful workout in boosting the runners' endurance. Known to be tough in their workouts, everybody who employed its use claims that this kind of running training program really works and is effective in helping them achieve their marathon target time. That is why for those who have not yet tried using the Yasso Running Training Program, it might be good to start now!

You may opt to take and run Yasso 800s once every week. You may simply start with the first four, gradually going up until five or six, and so on. These should be done at your appropriate pace, and after you get the feel of it, and you believe you are fine with the adjustments you have had, then add one more week.

Lengthy Yet Slow Run Will Make Every Workout Count

When you have been joining fun runs and marathon events for several years already, it is important to look for the programs that would be beneficial to your running goals. There is a three-day running training in a week wherein the runner allows alternating the hard days with the easy ones. A runner may follow this and choose run three hard days in a week, and on the other 4days, stop running and let his body rest for that period. This program has indeed worked well for so many, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries while boosting your endurance.

# Safety Reminders When Running Training During Nighttime

If you are the type of runner who is more comfortable running and taking your running training during the early evening rather than in the early morning or afternoon, then you are the type of runner who should heed more to safety reminders.

Wear Very Reflective Gear

Rule number one, when running training during nighttime, make sure to always wear reflective clothes or gear up with anything reflective. Also, you should always go against the traffic flow so instead of the cars being behind you, you will be facing them and therefore, you will see all cars coming towards you. That will surely be a good precaution measure to avoid accidents and getting ran over.

Wear The Right Running Shoes

If you are starting out with your running training during nighttime and you are the type to possess low arches and at the same time have the excessive-inward-foot movement, then it might be best if you choose to buy the straight lasted type of shoes. For the runner who has high arches and has the tendency to do outward foot motion excessively, then the curved lasted shoes are better.

Gadgets To Guarantee Night Visibility

When running training at nighttime, always make sure to wear a safety light worn on the waist or on the arms. These are available in colors red or clear light and some even features a flashing signal option which will really make you visible to all motorists and therefore, avoid accidents or injuries.

Be Alert Where You Are Heading

While it is very dark running during nighttime, the best way to combat accidents is caution. Avoid having shin splints or that forceful crash of your heel against the road. This may cause your joints and feet to want less and less to touch the ground and eventually, may lead to injury.

And should you get injured while running training at nighttime, the very first thing you must do is rest to prevent additional injury to happen. Immediately apply ice if there is any, and elevate injured part to reduce swelling and therefore, prevent build-up of fluids in the tissues. Always take your rest to avoid getting too fatigued.

Experiencing Fatigue And Soreness Is Normal

Yes, nighttime running can also be a source of stress or fatigue for the runner. And this fatigue may be attributed to the fact that there is anticipation on the part of the runner to watch out for all the vehicles coming; not to mention the anxiety of avoiding and having to dread injuries or accidents to happen. And these give most runners an experience of soreness.

And when runners disregard the body signals their body is sending them, yes, fatigue sets in. However, there are ways of avoiding fatigue and soreness and one of which is do not overstress yourself. Putting yourself to too much fatigue, which includes running at nighttime in a busy street of so many motorists, will really reap sore muscles and painful joints as well. And so, should you experience this sharp pain, it would be wise to rest and immediately see a coach or physician before getting back to your running training program.

Running Uphill At Nighttime

Yes, as they always say, the hills are and will always be a runner's friends, but not so much especially when it is nighttime. Running uphill during your weekly training is guaranteed to make your legs as well as your ankles stronger. However, doing it at a nighttime might pose more serious threats than getting your ankles stronger. So, if you plan to run uphill, make sure it is during morning or early in the afternoon instead.

If your running tracks are without any visible hills, then it would be best to just drop by a gym and do your running training indoors, use the treadmill there, or simply run some flights of stairs to imitate running uphill.

# Running Training For 10K With Zero Injury

Running and injury, they always go together. That is why it's crucial to undergo a rigid running training and learn how to run fast with zero injury. It is best if runners would have an automatic reaction to steering away from any accident or serious injury while running. But that is quite near to impossible.

Especially when running for a 10K, it is not enough that a runner can run so fast. What is more important is that he has to learn the principles of how to keep himself injury-free when running training for a 10K. Even coaches admit that it is actually when a runner runs badly that accident happens. That is why the best gear to arm yourself with is precaution and nothing else. Here are some of the principles to guide you in running with zero pain or injury.

7 Principles In Staying Injury-Free

Always Warm Up And Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down are two of the basic things you must remember when running. Prepare to run slowly, gradually picking up at the middle, and then gently slowing down at the end. Learn to master these two for they are known to have the ability to avoid damages in both muscle and ligament.

Listen To What Your Body Says

Watch out for different types of pain when you run because in running training, your legs and muscles will surely feel tired.  But remember, when you feel you have tired muscles or scorching lungs, don't panic. These are the good pains of running. You can start worrying when you get the bad pains – the kind of pain in your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons that linger even after a few minutes of running.

Whenever you feel this, or feel hurt, immediately stop and REST! Medical experts have found out that for every minute you do not apply ice on an injury, you are allowing recovery to slow down by one hour. However, if the pain still exists even after having been treated, it would be best to already consult your physician.

Train Less

Did you know medical research has discovered that about 95% of marathon runners are almost always over trained? Simply put, these runners would have performed much better were they not trained so much. Because when you run, your body also needs some time to rest to be able to recover. Otherwise, if you keep running despite what your body, specifically your muscles and joints are telling you, then you will surely not make any more progress but worse, you might even break down.

Sleep Well

It is rule of thumb that when you are training for running, you must spend at least a day or two off from running per week. You will need to have sufficient sleep every night for two straight weeks when preparing for a competition or race. That way, your body will have all the energy to run the 10K distance!

Healthy And Proper Nutrition

Nothing beats having a good night sleep before the competition matched with good and nutritious diet. Try eating bananas before the competition, they are so easy to digest and are rich in potassium which is very useful for preventing muscle and leg cramps. Always remember that you need to gas up with the great demands of running training, so make sure you are always well-rested and well-fed with a healthy diet to stay running until the 10K with zero injury nor accident!

# Keeping A Running Training Journal

Maintain a Running Journal

The most effective way to know how you are faring with your running training is by maintaining your own personal running journal. It will take into account all the details of your running training, your previous runs against the current runs; and therefore you will have an idea of where you have started, how you are improving and what else to do to improve and therefore fare high.

Jot Down Notes About Running Today

Tracking down your development as well as your past mistakes will teach you how to move on to the next level and therefore accomplish newer milestones. Creating a personal tracker or journal about your running training does not have to be very complicated or intricately done. You can simply jot down dashed notes or bullet points about the distance you have traveled as well as the time that you have accomplished running every day of your training program.

Add A Personal Touch To Your Running Journal

Should you want your journal to have a more personal touch, then make it more detailed adding on other stories about your running training. You might as well mention the exact time and distances that you ran each day with the route or itinerary that you ran. You can also match them with your emotions for the time being that you were running.

Keeping a personal journal of all your runs is truly a reasonable thing to do. You may include some of your thoughts at that time that you were running or the way you felt at that moment, so you could identify which factors have greatly helped you improve a particular run, or which have dramatically pulled your performance down. The words about how your one day of running started and expired do not need to be written in highfalutin words. Make it as simple as possible.  

Fartlek or Simply, Speed Play

Yes, everyone knows the fun of running; however, not everyone is aware that there is such a thing called "fartlek" which in Sweden means "speed play" or a type of casual gap session used to integrate the concept of speed work into your running routine. Fartlek is the "bursts of speed" while halfway through a training run.

And as in every training run, warming up is a basic requirement before going full blast in running. Detail out in your personal journal how you did your warm-up exercises, and what improvements you immediately noticed when you did the warm up exercises before running. And eventually, you can compare by looking at your other notes as to the effects of running without performing any warm-up exercises at all.

Comparing Previous And Present Runs To Improve

Compare and contrast how well you did at which point and how poorly you performed or ran when you did not do any warming up or soft calisthenics. That way, you will see that not warming up can be a cause for injuries later on and so, you will know that warming up or doing soft calisthenics is something that needs to be performed before every other run to improve your time, distance and speed.

Making A Personal Account Of Your Bursts Of Speed

Also, you should make a listing of the bursts of speed you threw in the road tracks for the various distances you ran. You can also highlight the details on the time you ran them as well, then jot down the recovery pace or jog in between the bursts of speed you performed during the whole running training. Varying the time as well as the speed from as little as 15 seconds to a longer time of two to three minutes, will make a good journal accounting of what really transpired.

# Guidelines In Running Training To Get To The 10K Finish Line

Running can be divided into three classes: sprinting, middle-distance and long distance running. And while running or marathon is one of the popular long distance races which are done annually in developed countries, running training on the other hand, remains the basic requirement for a runner to win races. You might be asking why it is very important for a runner to undergo running training. Well, first and foremost, because runners need everything they will learn from such training.

This includes learning the various techniques and running skills to that of acquiring the right discipline crucial to winning races and marathon games. And in tough contests such as reaching the 5k or 10k finish line, an intensive running training is definitely needed. All athletes must be involved in the running training to get to the 10k finish line and therefore, the best runner with the most excellent motivation will win the race. Here are some tips on how to start with your own running training to make sure you get to the 10k finish line.

Balanced Diet And Dietary Supplements

Eating nutritious foods is necessary for a runner to win the 10k finish line and these include foods that are rich in calcium since healthy and strong bones are needed in order to win the contest. Foods rich in carbohydrates and fat foods are also helpful since they will give the runner an extra dose of energy to finish the race at minimal time.

Jogging Every Morning

Did you know that jogging in the morning replenishes the body and is an excellent form of exercise? Yes, jogging, as everybody knows is one very good form of exercise. And since replenishment is necessary to relax a runner's both body and mind before any competition, every runner should start and participate in a running training to guarantee winning and reaching the 10k finish line.

Adequate Hours Of Sleep And Rest

In the same manner that proper nutrition is necessary in running training, sleep and rest also play very important roles in running training. It's simply because it is during sleep that the body gets the chance to relax, grow and repair itself. Also the heartbeat slows down allowing it more time to rest between beats. And so naturally, if the runner will not get enough sleep before the contest, he is surely to feel cranky and tired. Sleep and rest are definite requirements for the runner to think clearly while lack of sleep and rest during the competition will definitely show you the way to lose. That is why, make it your goal to always listen to your coach or trainor.

Heeding The Trainer's Advice And Abiding

A runner often finds himself a coach to practice with and together, they find ways to improve his running skills. The coach develops new techniques for the runner to win the competition. Now, this is where your acceptance to listen and learn will come in. Always hear out what your coach is telling you. He has been a runner himself and therefore has acquired sufficient experiences that merited him his mastery of running.

You must make it a point to always follow the instructions and strategies that your coach are sharing with you. By doing that, you are bringing yourself a few steps away to reaching your goals in running. Always ask questions. That way, you will experience less stress and pressure in reaching the 10k finish line.

Truly, running training to get to the 10k finish line requires a lot of discipline and hard work. In order to reach the goal, persistence and practice must be learned and mastered. Running training will be a good help for the athletes to boost their confidence and motivate themselves to win the contest.

# Boosting Your Endurance On Your Running Training

Yes, endurance is the key ingredient to winning a race or running competition anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or you have been running for a few years already. What is important is you know what you want to achieve from your running training as well as how you are going to do it.

Strength Training For Better Endurance

But always remember that a runner will never ever get endurance for running successfully and effectively if he did not push through or undergo "strength training" and while there are some runners who are a little bit skeptical about doing strength-training, thinking it will slow them down, you should know that strength-training is the most effective and best way of boosting your endurance as far as running training is concerned.

And by doing this strength-training, you will surely be a more efficient runner. It teaches a runner how to deal with stress or fatigue at the verge of stopping running. It is the real secret to maintaining your running form which would mean greater running efficiency.

Warming Up Before Running

Running right away with no warm-up exercises is not a good habit for runners. Why? Because doing warm ups before running can actually prevent accidents or injuries at the same time, and more importantly, it conditions your cardio better. Proper warming up should include ten minutes of walking, or doing some light calisthenics to prepare both your heart and muscles before running. It is not good to stretch cold muscles because they are prone to overstretching. This is why stretching should only be done when the run has finished.

Take Running One Step At A Time

Running should always complement how your body feels. Sometimes runners tend to run too fast without considering their body signals and so often encounter injury. If you are running with a friend, observe how you are going too slow or too fast by starting a chit-chat with your friend; or if there is no friend to talk, you may simply hum to yourself while observing your own pace.

Build Your Endurance

Always have a feel of your body. Know when you need to slow down and rest running for awhile. This is the best way to make your endurance stronger. If at one point, you still feel tired from a day's running, then stop for a while. Adding mileage to your running training while still feeling exhaustion might aggravate your condition and make your heart beat go below the normal resting rate. Therefore, make it a point to gradually add mileage and increase it to 10% every week.

Running Uphill

Running uphill is definitely one excellent way of improving a runner's overall speed and strength. This has been proven true as it was observed that the way you will run on an uphill track may actually be the same as the movement you take when you climb hills. And they are observed to have basically the same motion as in sprinting where the runner's legs are lifted very high while running.

Boosting A Beginner's Endurance

While a runner amateur to running would want to run a farther distance from about two miles to four and eventually increasing to six and eight miles more, the more experienced or veteran runners do not care so much for increasing their distance in as much as they would want to boost their endurance. They would, as much as possible, want to cover their substantial distances in their running training.

# Be A Part Of Your Local Running Scene

Wouldn't it be fun to have another circle of friends aside from your school and workplace? Yes, running training can put you on the local running scene where you get the chance to meet many friends. But the most important part of it is, you get to meet friends who share the same passion of running as you do.

The Magic Of Fun Run

All over the world, these two words have been popularly known from people of all age brackets, "fun run". Communities have long since embraced the culture of running, including the practice of running training by all runners to be able to compete for the 5K, 10K and 20K running events or marathons. What is amazing with these marathon events is that you get to meet runners of different personalities, skills and capacities, and most importantly having varying reasons of why they run.

Make Yourself A Part Of The Local Running Scene

So how does one really make himself a part of the local running scene? First, a runner must identify his place in the running scene. Find out if there are local running clubs you can join and participate in at your locality because most cities have local running clubs of their own.

Get updates on the accurate schedules for running training, racing and all marathon events. You may also ask about the meeting schedules of those running groups that regularly meet every week. Why? Because they are good training for learning so much about running and of course, improving your skills more in your running training.

Race! Race! Race For Fun!

Racing does not necessarily always have to do with competition and reaping awards. Sometimes, runners race for the simple reason of wanting to have fun and participating in charity work usually initiated by through fun run events. Actually, the best part after the event is when there is dinner for all runners with floating free beer for everyone! Clearly, running is a great source of fun for people who run.

Volunteering For A Cause During A Running Event

There are so many ways to be involved and participate in the local running scene should a runner wish to do so. In fact, there is a long list of activities and tasks a runner might want to dip his hands on including that of the registration, the giving out of water, arranging of trophies where they should be displayed and other so many jobs for runners who would wish to participate in holding the event.

Be A Spectator And Cheerleader

Joining your local running screen can go as far as being a spectator. If the running race will pass by your place make sure that you cheer and egg on the runners as they pass your house. See, even watching can already be participating in this popular local event of running and marathons.

Run A Local Store For The Runners' Needs

You may also put up and pull out your own local and portable store anytime and anywhere you want to. Your store should include all basic needs that a runner will look for. Also important is your ability to provide information to runners, offer tips as well as advices on anything the runners might need.

Make Reading Materials Abut Running Accessible To Runners

Provide information that are marathon-focused entertainment; reading magazines about basic running training information, health and nutrition in relation to running. Here should also be on races as well as winning strategies for races, injuries and how to prevent them, and so much more reading materials on the various topics related to running.

# Basic Things To Know Before You Do Your Running Training

Before you start running for your running training, it is necessary to first ask yourself why you're running in the first place. People run for so many varied reasons. While others run simply to lose excess weight, there are also some who run to be pro-active against cardio problems and some out of passion to do long distance marathons.

The Secret To Running Training Smart

There is no runner who never wishes to compete in marathon events or fun runs
such as the 3K, 5K or 10K marathons. The reasons for joining may vary and whatever may be a runner's goal in running training, it is best to always be guided by some principles of running training.

And the ultimate principle for running is that of mastering the art of listening what your body dictates. As runner coaches always say, a runner's mastery of putting one foot in front of the other foot is what makes a runner achieve his goals. But this can only be achieved with the practice of the virtue of patience matched with mastering the distance to run.

The Importance Of Patience And Distance

The mere luck of patience is what will kill the career of any runner. Most people who reach the verge of giving up until finally giving up running is simply because they were attempting to run too fast. They fail to recognize the importance of slowing down in order for the body to recover and adjust to his needs.
That is why it is crucial for a runner to get a feel of how he will start off with his running in order to effectively increase the distances of his runs.

And as a runner, you must always bear in mind that you need to increase the distance you run gradually to upgrade your level of running from 3K distances to eventually 5, 10, 20 K distances. Or better yet, you may start running using gym equipment first, such as treadmill. There, you will see al the details of your run, so you will have an idea of how long and how far you have been running. That way, you will have a more solid idea of your capacity to run and at what distance in your future runs.

Create A Running Training Plan

Training is a very indispensable part of running; thus, it is very important to find a good program that will match well with your personality. Running for a 10K is just like running training every other day for 15-20 minutes, and that would already be a good start.

If you have not found a good running training program yet, then just check the Internet for some sites, because it abounds with effective running plans for the 3K, 5K, 10K and other marathon events you may wish to join. But, you must also realize that having a plan is the same as saying you are going to stick with it. Otherwise, if you do not make it a part of your weekly routine, it will not form into a habit, and naturally, you will have a hard time changing levels from 3K to 5K or to 20K.

Find A Good Pair Of Running Shoes

And lastly, it is very important to find yourself a good pair of running shoes if you want to be competitive in your running training without hurting your feet. Finding a no-sweat-wicking shirt will prove to be a good idea, too, especially on hot running days. Remember, arming yourself with the most comfortable running gear is the key to winning a race!

# Basic Running Training For Beginner Runners

Every beginner in running training should always set his own schedule based on
the new kind of lifestyle he wants to achieve. Setting your own running schedule will surely kick your habit of lazing around to simply running and sweating it out on the road tracks.
Setting A Schedule

Set a schedule most convenient to you and at a time when you do not feel too tired or too sleepy to run. Or you might just be turned off so fast about running. Most of the runners who easily find themselves shying away from running just as soon as they have started are those who started on running training too fast, without listening to what their body is telling them. And they end up feeling less confident, asking themselves why the others can do it and they cannot.

Running Training program To Pull You Off That Comfort Zone

If you are a beginner runner, you should look for a running training program that will first pull you out of that comfort zone. Start with a less straining program such as mere walking and jogging. The ultimate goal here is to get a potato couch off his TV and set him running into the tracks. And when he has already developed that running spirit in him can he step up into a higher level of running.

Losing Your Patience Is Normal

Yes, it is normal to lose your patience, don't worry. It happens to anyone and most of the time when it happens, the runner is tempted to do the training exercises so much to finish fast. However, it is crucial to realize the value of not doing more than what you really can. Even if you think you can run more than the distance you are already running, always be sensitive to your body signals. Do not mind the pressures of continuing especially if they will pose some threats to your health.

20 Minutes, Three Times A Week  For Every Run

Every running session should have 20 or 30 minutes, for three times in every week, which is just like doing moderate exercising to maximize physical fitness. This particular type of program is guaranteed to make people fit so make sure that you religiously follow this schedule for three days all throughout the week. And the thing here is, since it is done every other day, there is time allowed to lie low and rest for a day. Therefore, the runner is able to rest and recover much faster.

Focus on Increasing Your Running Time And Distance

Increasing the distance you run as well as how much time you spent for that particular distance is far more important than running faster. To run fast, you also have to put a considerable amount of thought on first, making your bones stronger and your body much fitter.

You may do this program by first measuring the time you run or the distance you run. If you are the type of person who gets easily confused, then you might as well choose the one that is much easier for you to follow. Use a stopwatch or any kind of watch or better yet, a timer to measure the actual time you have run. For the distance, you may measure it by simply doing some estimating. You really do not need the exact figures to measure the distance, anyway. An estimate of the time and distance you have run are enough to determine whether you are improving with your running or not. Doing these things will surely give great contributions to your running training.


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